Thursday, January 07, 2010

What the Weirdness?

This has been a very strange year, weather-wise. For example, in December we had the coldest weather on record since the 1990's, and now in this first week of January it's been in the 50's during the day with a nighttime low of 48 degrees! This is NOT our normal weather! I went out to prune some of my roses today, and discovered that they have begun budding leaves, and one poor confused soul had fresh FLOWER BUDS on it! IT. IS. JANUARY.
I left the one rose bush with the flower buds alone for now. I kind of want to wait and see what happens...

I am more than a little concerned about some of my outdoor nursery flats - many of those herb seeds are difficult to germinate, and require months and months of cold...I hope January begins to cool down again, or else I may not have plants!

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