Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gardening Royalty: A Crown of Asparagus

Well, I must have over-estimated my asparagus needs, because now I find myself with extra crowns and nowhere to plant them. I placed them in some moist soil for now in the pantry, but I am scrambling around trying to find some large containers to permanently plant them in. Ads posted on craigslist and freecycle were busts. I guess everybody wants to make money and not either give away or barter their old tubs and containers. But that is another rant for another day...

The silly little $20 ceramic heater we purchased at Bimart yesterday is actually working WONDERS in my Solarium-turned-greenhouse. I left it in there last night with my digital thermometer (cool feature: records the overnight low, so that I am able to see the coldest the Solarium got last night) and with the heater set on the lowest possible setting. Outside temps dipped down to 34/36 degrees F last night, but the coldest that the inside of the Solarium got was a mere 50 degrees! So: it worked!!! Thank you, Alex, for your wonderful (and economic) suggestion! Now I can begin moving my plants into the Solarium much earlier than I originally anticipated, and I can get my guest room back! The plants will be healthier in the long run, and I will be able to grow more of them since I will no longer be limited to two 4'x2' grow tables! Instead, I now have a 12'x25' space to work with. Yippee! And, for those safety conscious folks, don't worry - my heater has an automatic shut-off for overheating and if it accidentally falls over.

T-7 Days and Counting for Goat Babies. The barn camera is set up and sending live feed to our bedroom TV now. My husband and I want to figure out a way to broadcast it over the internet. We would call it "Goats Gone Wild."

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