Sunday, January 17, 2010

And I Made My Bed With Nettles...

Yesterday, Ryan helped me build a planter box (using reclamation wood from old hay pallets!) for my Stinging Nettles bed. I have read that Nettles do best in dappled shade with lots of moisture (makes sense, given where they grow naturally), and I decided that the best place to put them would be under the old apple tree in the far corner of the herb garden (where the rest of my partial shade plants are located). However, because they are STINGING Nettles, I wanted them set apart from the rest of the herbs. The planter box is roughly 2 feet high by 2 feet wide by 4 feet long. I found a glorious little spot of compost in our "Poo Pile" area of the property - lots of earthworms, and broken down nutrients - and filled the planter box with that. During this time, I actually caught myself saying, "Poo is precious." Though of course this was in a gardening-related context, it did make me realize that I desperately need a vacation. But that is for another blog entry.
In any event, my planter box is filled with "home grown" soil, and ready for Nettle seeds! I can't wait to begin early spring planting next month! I think I am going to build a removable netting of either chicken wire of horse fencing around the top of the planter box, so that unwary (or just plain stupid) guests don't try and reach in to touch the Nettles plant. I will be growing Yellow Dock this year as well (which helps ease the pain of a nettles sting), but why tempt fate (or people)?
I have also convinced Ryan to build a long row of reclamation wood planter boxes in front of the Solarium, where I will put some of the vast numbers of tomatoes and peppers I am sprouting this summer. I think this idea will not only add charm to the property, but will also help with my always-in-danger-of-being-overcrowded garden plot.
I also have two more peach trees and two Santa Rosa plum trees that need to be planted this week. We are in the midst of a heavy rain storm this weekend, which has been biding my time for now. I am excited for all of my edible landscaping!!

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