Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Authentic Flapper Girl!

I promised "better" pictures of that beautiful authentic 1920s flapper dress, and here they are! I am wearing a plain beige silk dress underneath, as the flapper dress is sheer lace. But I think that the lighter beige dress really brings out the beauty and detailing of the lace! I am also wearing my antique rosary-turned flapper necklace...just trying to set the mood...*grin*

I believe I will be trying my hand at mending some of the repair work needed on the lace dress. It's SO delicate in both construction and condition, but I think that a loving hand can, with careful work, restore it to its former glory. Not a dress I plan to be wearing out much (if ever), but so beautiful to look at. If nothing else, an amazing study and inspirational piece!

Many thanks again to the wonderful and generous Jeanna!

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