Saturday, August 27, 2011

Estate Sale Finds...

Went to a pretty decent estate sale today! Not as good as some of the ones in the past, but I did manage a real score: a 1957 SIGNED Hollycraft hinged rhinestone bracelet for $20! Apparently, the hinged bracelets are very rare, and retail for $275-$475. Mine is missing a few rhinestones on the underside, but it's hardly noticeable, and I LOVE it! Soooooo shiiiiiiny...

I also got two magazines from 1948 (LIFE and POST) for $3 each. On the back of one of the magazines was an ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes! I couldn't help thinking of Mad Men when I saw it.

One has a fascinating (and scary) article about "fogging" with DDT! It has a picture of a woman eating, and another of children playing, in the "fog." Reminds me of a chapter in Bill Bryson's book, "The Thunderbolt Kid."
I'm the sure the bald eagles are thrilled.

Other items I picked up: a bag of vintage buttons for $2, some lovely old fabric with a garden theme print, several yards of pretty lace edging, a music box, a lovely candy dish, and a vintage white half slip (I have one in black, but have been looking for one in white for ages!!).

All in all, a pretty awesome sale!

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