Tuesday, August 02, 2011

An Original! (Just Like ME)

A myriad of jam sales finally meant that I was able to afford the vintage hat I've been eying for some time now...it's an adorable late 1930s/1940s tilt hat w/veil by Frank Palma. What makes this hat truly unique are the fabulous (and detailed!) felt sparrows that cascade down from the top and follow along the back headband.

They look EXACTLY like the ones in the hat worn by Rosalind Russell on the cover of "The Women" DVD (1939). Which of course begs the question: what came first: the movie, or my hat?

In the pictures I have the veil tucked up and under the hat because veils tend to drive me crazy. However, it's a GORGEOUS, intact, and beautifully detailed & delicate veil. I think I am going to remove it and save it for use on some future hat project or restoration. Plus, that will make the felt sparrows far more visible!

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