Friday, August 05, 2011

Follow-Up: My Eye Is On the Sparrow (Hat!)

Just wanted to update with some better pictures of this wonderful hat (now sans veil), as well as a little bit of background on it. First of all, everyone take a deep breath: the veil was removed without any harm to it or the hat, and remains intact and lovingly stored in my armoire for some future vintage-related project.

Background: the hat was purchased at a Tacoma, Washington estate sale, and had been previously owned and worn by a talented 90+ year-old seamstress/fashionista. The woman lived in Tacoma nearly all of her life, so the hat was probably purchased locally as well. Wish I knew more, but that's it! I always try to find out whatever details I can about my vintage hats. I love knowing backgrounds and previous lives, which help endear them to me and make them even more unique: these aren't just old hats, they are hats with a history!

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