Monday, August 08, 2011

Figs, Potatoes, & Beans, Oh My!

The first figs of the season are ripe and ready for devouring! We have three fig trees on the property (and hopefully soon many more - as in, an ORCHARD!) - two young ones in the Herb Garden, and one mature-ish tree next to the house. The mature tree is LOADED with fruit this year, and the first few pints-worth were ripe this week. There are basketfuls of unripe ones still on this tree, which I am sure will be ready in another month or two, meaning a delicious and sustained fig harvest this year (yay!). Our trees are the variety known as "Desert King," which is ironic because they are one of the best varieties for the higher, cooler elevations here in the Applegate Valley. B&B guests this week were treated to quartered and decorated figs as an accompaniment to their breakfasts!

Also ready for the first time this season: the heirloom potatoes! Yesterday, we harvested ~half of one of our potato beds - roughly 10 lbs of potatoes, mainly comprised of Blue Shetland, Kennebec, and a few of the rare & delicious Negresse (aka "Truffle" potato!) shown below.

I noticed an interesting mutation of my Blue Shetland potatoes (at least out of this bed): instead of the traditional ring of blue/purple spots, there is a solid band of color...weird...I rather like it!

And of course we are still harvesting many pounds each week of my favorite heirloom bush bean variety: Dragon's Tongue.

Further Bean News: the rare Lenape Cutshort/Indian Hannah pole beans have mature pods now, and should be ready for harvesting in a few weeks (when the pods dry on the plants). Also, the equally rare Flagg pole beans in the Herb Garden were dry and ready for harvesting yesterday, so I spent much of the afternoon working on that!

Harvest Season is in full swing now, so stay tuned!...

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