Saturday, January 29, 2011

$3 Will Buy You True (Vintage) Love

Ok, I love this dress (and I mean L-O-V-E this dress!!!!!!!!)! Ryan and I stopped by the Sally Store on our way to look at an armoire I was thinking of buying (to store some of my lovely vintage fur pieces in). I didn't have more than a moment to run into the Sally and browse, but look what I found! A GORGEOUS little classic-style 1940's dress in pristine condition w/metal side zipper and front pockets! And look at the detailing on the pockets and collar! SO cute! I love the coloring, and it's so comfy to wear...So yes, $3 really CAN buy you happiness! And it comes 100% husband approved!

(I actually got a rather adoring, puppy-dog-style look from Ryan when he saw me in it, so I am guessing that it IS a hit! *grin*)

And P.S. - We're picking up the adorable vintage armoire next weekend! It was once used in a B&B in Roseburg, and now the cycle will continue when it's used in MY bed and breakfast!

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