Monday, January 24, 2011

How To Buy Vintage For $20 A Day

Yesterday I snagged an adorable 1940's or 1950's vintage dress for $20 from a supposed "garage sale" in Medford. The woman had a nice selection of dresses, but was ridiculous about her prices. She wouldn't even haggle, even when some of the vintage dresses were in SERIOUS need of TLC! There was one beautiful 1930's style black velvet dress, but it was in bad (albeit repairable) shape and not worth her $20 asking price! It makes me angry when people have garage/yard/estate SALES and don't realize that your prices CANNOT be firm! It's a "SALE" for crying out loud! You are EXPECTED to haggle/go a little lower, even if it's only 10%! You will sell soooooooooooooo much more!!! I would have happily walked away with three or four more dresses if the woman selling them had obeyed this advice, but at that point it was the principle of the matter!

Anywho...the pink dress is adorable (with lots of cute detailing) and PERFECT for my coloring, but it's really tight in the hips. I let the seams out on one side, but I think I will end up needing to do that on the other side as well...Yet another sewing project to add to my already growing pile...I think I need to lock the kittens out of the bedroom and spend a day catching up on my mending & alteration projects!

The tag on the dress reads "Bettilou," and I love the little front pockets and navy blue buttons!

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