Monday, January 17, 2011

Just Because You're Poor Doesn't Mean You Can't Buy Vintage!

Today's Thrift Store Adventures were very, V-E-R-Y rewarding! I managed to score a brand new Aladdin oil lamp for $10 (these things normally sell for $100 or more), and a 1970's Adolph Schuman for Lilli Ann dress for 75 cents!

A 75 cent "Oriental" themed 1960s/1970s handmade dress with cloth belt.

Best deal of the day - a 75 cent 1970's Adolph Schuman for LILLI ANN dress! Looooooooooooove it!

It has the COOLEST two-tone front, and pockets too!

My $7 1950's silk 2-piece dress. It's handmade, and though it's seen better days (seam straining, some shattering of the silk around the armpits), it still has SO MANY years left!

Please excuse my slightly too-long & lumpy crinoline...I really need to get rid of this one and buy myself a better one...someday...

Here's WITH the adorable bolero button-up jacket!

Having a funny moment! :P

This is my other $7 1950's 2-piece dress. This one is the worse for wear - strap needs to be re-stitched the dress, and for whatever reason someone sewed weird pieces of fabric all over the poor skirt! I think they were using it as a costume, but still! SACRILEGE!

Here's WITH the adorable button-up bolero jacket.

Cute little $5 vintage hand-held mirror with brocade fabric back.

1940's crochet purse with black satin lining, old metal zipper, and reverse-carved lucite "handle."

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