Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hard Night's Day

After a night of very little sleep (and even worse dreams), I finally gave up and left the bed at about 3 am (after having been up since 1:30 am). I had pulled a very looooooong day yesterday: hauling several hours' worth of compost from the pile to the 2nd Garden, and then making 2 truck runs with Ryan to go grab (14) 100 lb. bales of hay, as well as doing evening chores! I was BEAT! So it came as a surprise that after having trouble getting to sleep, I had an even more difficult time staying there! The good news is that today was insanely productive, even if I was incredibly exhausted. Ryan got those new portions (that I put compost on) of the 2nd Garden rototilled, and I was able to plant about 50 feet each of bush peas, pole peas, fava beans, spinach, and buckshorn plantain. I also planted some perennial herbs that were large enough to survive outside at this point, namely lavender and rosemary. Ryan thinned out the strawberry patch for me, and we planted the 100 or so "extra" strawberries in their new home in the southeast corner of the 2nd Garden. I also pulled up some borage, comfrey, and yarrow sprouts from the herb garden and transplanted them amongst the newly planted strawberries. In the freshly thinned strawberry bed, Ryan planted some Elephant Garlic. Fingers are crossed that the ground squirrels won't eat it all again this year! After rototilling the garden for me, Ryan also turned the compost pile (which steamed like mad!) and began scraping out the male llama pasture (and putting the poo onto my other Pasture Garden). Spring is nearly here - I can feel it!!

Now, evening chores are almost finished, and I am working on starting a fire in the living room woodstove. We are about ready to settle in for an evening of hard-earned RELAXING!!

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