Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Now A Break For Vintage...

I know that lately - with spring just around the corner! - I've been focusing more heavily on the garden and plant-related posts, so I decided that I needed a vintage-inspired break.

The most exciting news by far (for me, anyway) is that I won Bombshell Bettie's Vintage blog giveaway! She was celebrating the fact that she has reached 300 followers, and giving away a sheer blue vintage robe, hankie, faux pearl necklace, and brooch. I remember seeing the giveaway contest and thinking, "Oh my gosh! That is the most GORGEOUS brooch!! I want it!!" I never in a million years dreamed that I would actually WIN. I never have any luck at giveaways, so YAY me! I can't wear to wear/show-off my new goodies!

I never wrote anything about the ADORABLE pair of 1950's earrings I scored for $4.98+shipping off of Etsy the other week! I love how they dangle, and the rhinestones are still in great shape with only the slightest hint of yellowing. They are screw-back earrings, and I LOVE them! Plus, you sooooo can't beat the price!

Until I looked at this picture, I never realized how many freckles I have...

And finally, my lovely vintage raccoon fur coat (along with three complimentary vintage fur collars and two mink stoles) shipped out today! I've been eagerly looking forward to being able to afford it for a while now. Patricia of WhatWeCollect on Etsy has been SO wonderful this entire time! This is my second purchase through her store, and I have been really, really pleased with my experience. She has some awesome items, and I encourage everybody to check her store out! My coat has obviously not arrived yet, but I am going to show you a sneak peak of it (I hope Patricia doesn't mind?!):

Isn't it gorgeous?!?!

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