Sunday, January 16, 2011

It Always Takes More Poo Than You'd Think to Get The Job Done

Well, I stand corrected! I was finally able to measure the 2nd Garden's true dimensions, and they were a whopping 73 feet long by 54 feet wide! HOLY GOAT BAGS! That's 3,942 square feet of gardening space! And that is ONE garden plot on my multi-garden property!! I'm so happy...

It POURED rain most of today, but I was able to take advantage of a quick break in the weather this afternoon. I finished digging up, dividing, and transplanting the final mature artichokes. The current MATURE artichoke bed in the 2nd Garden consists of roughly 50 plants, and currently measures roughly 12 feet wide by 16 feet long. These plants are an assortment of Green Globe, Imperial Star (which will often perennialize in Zones 7 and up), Purple of Romagna, and a few other varieties. As you can see, with my artichokes I do not care about cross pollination. Currently in my greenhouse I have 50 seeds of the Violet de Provence artichoke variety germinating, and I am now beginning to wonder where in the world I am going to plant them?! You may laugh, given how large I just stated my new garden is, but space is actually pretty limited per plant variety. So, I need to do yet another batch of brainstorming to redo my current garden diagram in order to make room for many more 'chokes. No real complaints though. I love artichoke plants!

I worked for at least an hour outdoors today, and managed to get up quite an impressive sweat! I'm rather proud of that fact, considering it's the middle of January.

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