Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My $4 Must-Have LBD!

(i.e "Little Black Dress")

Had to take my grammy out shopping today, and we decided to stop by the Sally Shop to see what new (and inexpensive) goodies they had gotten in. I always have the BEST luck there, and today was no exception! For $4 (minus a discount), I snagged this ADORABLE 1950's little black dress! It is made of I believe a taffeta, and it buttons up the front. It's clearly homemade, though I have to say that whoever made it was NOT experienced with button holes! They made them far too close to the edge (so a few ripped through the edge of the dress fabric due to strain of wear), and one or two aren't quuuiiiiiite large enough to actually get the button through. There are also numerous small holes (moth bites?) in the skirt portion of the dress. So, as you can see, I have yet another mending project to add to my already large pile, but it's SO worth it! I love-Love-LOVE this dress!! Can't wait for the day when I can finally buy my red crinoline slip - won't that look sexy underneath?!?

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