Friday, January 14, 2011

G(r)o(w)ing Green(s)!

Today I went ahead and finished planting the last of the early spring salad greens in the special raised bed I created: arugula, spinach, and assorted lettuce. I know, I know, it's about two weeks early, but the weather has been mild this week, and, in looking at the forecast, it appears that it will continue to be so for the next 10 days at least. I figure that my seeds will know when it's best to sprout. Not to mention that if I can get a slight jump on my salad season, well then: YAY!!!!

This weekend is going to be ridiculously busy with gardening- and farm-related tasks! Here's the To-Do List, and I am probably forgetting numerous little items:

  • Get 1 or 2 truckloads of hay (this equals throwing around roughly fourteen ~130 lb. bales)
  • Rototill early spring planting patch in 2nd Garden
  • Transplant artichokes
  • Thin strawberry patch
  • Plant extra strawberries in 2nd garden
  • Plant Elephant Garlic
  • Chop a week's worth of firewood
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Replace smoke detector battery in bedroom
  • DUMP OUT & refill all outdoor animal waters
  • Catch loose chicken & trim wing feathers
  • Clean out chicken coop and lay down lots of straw (& DE) in nest boxes
  • Turn compost pile
  • Clean out male llama pasture with tractor (put on Pasture Garden plot)
  • Finish breaking down/cleaning out demo'd shelter
That may not sound like much, but BELIEVE me - that is a FULL weekend to-do list!

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