Monday, January 31, 2011

A Way To Remember...

As I was reorganizing my old armoire in preparation for the arrival of my 2nd one next weekend, I came across this lingerie/garment bag hidden amongst my vintage hankies. Based on the cover, I know it must have been purchased by my grandfather sometime during his training in the Marines.

The training facility was located in North Carolina at Camp Le Jeune. I actually have my grandfather's "year book" from his time spent there that has all kinds of pictures of the men training at this facility.

Since I do not use garment bags, I thought this would make a fabulous pillow covering! It has a lovely fringe, and it's already perfectly-sized for a pillow.

I would just have to insert the pillow and put a zipper on the open side of the bag, and voila! Decorative throw pillow! This way, I would be able to use and enjoy this wonderful piece of history, and every time I looked at it, I would think of my grandfather and his youthful adventures.

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