Friday, January 21, 2011

Up & Over the First Big Hurdle

Well, after putting in the "final" few hours of moving compost from the poo pile to the 2nd Garden, I now have the entire spring planting section covered and ready to be rototilled!! YAY! That is roughly 2/3 of that enormous garden plot covered with compost! The only 1/3 remaining is where the corn and squash will go. As that won't be getting planted til around May, I have some time. Tomorrow, Ryan will take the tractor's rototiller attachment and till these sections of soil for me, and then I will finally be able to plant my peas, extra strawberries, perennial herbs, etc.!

I was so sweaty and smelly and exhausted from moving all that compost that I came immediately inside, threw my clothing in the laundry, and showered. I even had to wash my hair because there was a slight breeze outside this morning, and I had flecks of compost and other assorted unmentionables in it. I won't even tell you what blowing my nose was like!

Thankfully, clean clothes, a refreshing shower, and a lunch of leftover homemade pizza will go a long way to restoring your sense of equilibrium.

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