Friday, January 14, 2011

A Friday Pick-Me-Up Package!

Yippee! My package from Patricia at WhatWeCollect arrived today! In it, was my lovely (raccoon?) fur coat, three fur collars (one of which I think is either wolf or coyote), and two whole minks that look like they used to be part of (different) stoles. The "chubby" coat is gorgeous, and has HUGE Joan Crawford-style shoulders. You pretty much can't wear it with pants without looking like a sumo wrestler, but with a slinky black dress you'll totally be stylin!' I tried to model my two favorite items as best I could, but I apologize for the photos. My house isn't very well-lit, and I hate going outside on my own to take pictures (where the lighting would be muuuuuuch better) because either my neighbors or the animals always end up staring at me...sort of makes a girl uncomfortable! Anywho, here are some pictures of the wolf collar and the coat! (FYI - I am wearing my family heirloom D&E rhinestone necklace).


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