Monday, January 24, 2011

When You're Feeling Blue...Sew!

(So yes, I have just realized that my pink dress is the same color as my pink bedroom walls...I'm CAMOUFLAGED!!)

I've been feeling incredibly under the weather today, so in an effort to stay inside and recoup (as opposed to my original plan of pulling another looooong day moving compost), I sat myself in front of my sewing machine and got back to work on some of my projects. I finished letting out the seams on the other side of that pink dress I purchased yesterday. It now fits and looks oh-so-snazzy!

The pictures aren't the best because my husband stole the camera tripod (thief!) and I can't find's probably in his man cave - excuse me, WORKSHOP.

My big project (that I started months ago!) is my 1940's wedding dress that I have been re-sizing to fit my slightly larger frame. The problem is that the lace is SO delicate it's a real pain to work with, and right now I am trying to add lace panels into the arms (which is why in the photo the sleeves are opened) so that I can get my own incredibly muscular farm girl arms into the sleeves. I finally got frustrated and decided to quit for the day before I ruined what I had already accomplished. The good news is that I got my pink dress done, one of my 1950's dresses mended, and some more work done on the wedding dress. So it was a bit of a productive day!

Oh, this is what I look like when I accidentally drop the camera in the middle of the timer going off. This face says, "Oooops! Is the camera ok?"

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