Tuesday, October 04, 2011

150 Years of Good Cooking...

Thrifting fever must be genetic in my family, because my grandmother dragged me out again yesterday afternoon. We mostly came home with books (though I did find a very pretty red 1950s hand-made cable knit sweater dress from Berlin), two of which were very fascinating old cookbooks! I was doubly excited about my finds because the recent rainy fall weather has really put me in the mood to bake!

One is a 1946 edition of Searchlight Recipe Book. What's so interesting about this copy is that the previous owner had written into the page margins recipes from their own friends, family, and personal favorites.

They had also taped recipes out of magazines and newspapers!

The other book was a 1977 reprint of an 1861 "housewife" type of manual.

It has loads of recipes, but what I was excited for were the old woodcut illustrations and descriptions of various heirloom veggie and livestock varieties!

Too cool!

Not to mention all of those great tips on how to handle servants (doesn't everyone need to know that?).

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