Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Crafty Witch!

During my "Save the Vintage!" Pre-Halloween thrift store crusade, I picked up an adorable ribboned 1950s petticoat slip (w/multiple layers of lace and crinoline) for ~$2. It buttoned up the side with metal snaps, and the frayed tag read "An Original by Cherie." It was perfect in every way, with the exception that it was about 4 inches too wide for my little waist! So, I purchased some elastic at the craft store yesterday, and I made myself an elastic waist on the slip (removing the snaps on the side)! Now it fits perfectly, and looks great under my Halloween costume - a vintage 1940s black velvet "ballerina" dress with A-line skirt and 3/4 sleeves.

To top my outfit off, I'm pairing all of this with my 1930s pointed-crown hat,

sequined ankle boots, along with my Juliana D&E necklace,

Weiss bracelet,

and some fab rhinestone earrings!

Happy Samhain, All!
A Thousand Blessings on You & Yours!

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