Monday, October 10, 2011

Meet Betty

Betty is my new vintage "Sally Stitch" adjustable dress form! She's a size small, so that she can be used for sewing little clothes for little me. Betty comes with the original sticker, and a sturdy cast iron base. She's from the 1940s/1950s, and is still going strong! Betty is going to become the new model for our Etsy store!

Here she is displaying that fab vintage 1950s seal fur swing coat I purchased last week for $8.99. While the fur was in excellent condition, the coat had been badly abused and was ripped in many spots. My grandmother and I repaired it as best we could, and it's wearable as-is (though you have to be careful with it). Love the pretty lining!

Speaking of the ol' thrifty, I made two fantastic scores today! The first is a SIGNED Weiss rhinestone bracelet for $9.99! WOWSA! The bracelet is in great condition, except for a few imperfections in some of the larger rhinestones (only noticeable up close).

The other wonderful vintage item I found today was an older vintage cheongsam dress! Now, most of the ones you see are from the 1960s or later, and are made of brocade or something similar. However, this dress comes in red velvet with white detailing. Yet again, I was just about to walk out of the store when I saw the dress on the mannequin! I didn't even have to see the metal zipper - just glancing at the velvet told me this dress was OLD! I have a Christmas Santa decoration that belonged to my grandmother, and it is made of the exact same type of red velvet material. Because of that, I knew the dress was vintage, and also because of that, this will forever after be my "Christmas Dress."

The dress has a metal side zipper, and metal snaps along the right shoulder. It fits like a glove, and I love it!!! So sorry, ladies, this one is staying in the personal collection. But don't despair!: I have another cheongsam dress coming into my Etsy store that is made of iridescent peacock blue/green brocade with a matching jacket - you'll be sure to LOVE IT!

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