Thursday, October 20, 2011

Girl Power!

The tray of Anasazi corn kernels was finally dry enough for grinding today, so I brought out our beloved handmill and started cranking away! I forgot how insanely ridiculous it is to grind cornmeal by hand, especially on the fine flour setting. I was by myself, and had to take frequent arm breaks (it's been a whole year since I last did this, after all!), so it took me roughly 2 hours to grind all of the Anasazi corn. However, the payoff for that effort (besides an insanely awesome arm muscle workout) was 6 cups of beautiful pink cornmeal! I can't wait to grind the Oaxacan corn, which makes a lovely green cornmeal, and then maybe layer the two cornmeals in jars for decorative holiday gifts!

For those who are curious about grinding your own flour, here is a video we made last year showing me using our mill.

To celebrate my hard labor and the first cornmeal of the season, I am baking some "Rye 'n' Injun Bread" from the Little House Cookbook!

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