Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello...WINTER?

Looks like we're skipping Fall and going straight into winter this year! At least that's how it felt this morning when we woke up to a chilly house and a thermometer reading 27 degrees outside! I believe we are sidestepping our (late) first frost this year, and instead just getting a first FREEZE.

I could tell we were in for a batch of very cold weather soon. We had (up until this point) been experiencing what I believe is termed an "Indian Summer," where you basically don't get a Fall so much as a continuation of summer in more moderate temperatures. The oak trees had been holding onto their leaves, and only dropping a few acorns through most of September and the first half of October. However, the past 4-5 days or so, I noticed that the oak trees were suddenly dumping their leaves and (enormous) acorns in huge amounts! I knew at that point that the cold was coming...and I can't remember if large acorns mean a hard winter or a moderate one? I suppose we'll find out.

The good news is that the wood stoves have been cleaned, and there was a stack of kindling and fire wood waiting outside the back door. At least starting a fire and warming up the house was easy this morning. And thankfully, I had brought in my citrus trees and late-season peppers last night, and remembered to set up the portable heater in the greenhouse!

Morning chores at 27 degrees were not fun. I forgot what a drag farm chores are in the winter time, especially when it comes to icy water buckets and frozen hoses! I am a child of the sun and heat in SO many ways...


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