Monday, October 10, 2011

Not Much To Drink, But PLENTY To Eat!

I finally finished reorganizing the pantry today and putting in the new shelving system that the wonderful Mr. Ryan made! Having everything displayed in plain sight really made me realize what an accomplishment our farm (and myself for that matter) is: I canned all of this in about two months!

The shelving is 2 quart jars deep, just to give you an idea...and there are stacks and stacks of more jars on the other side of the pantry (visible in the picture below). To give you an example: I canned 50 quart jars and 5 pint jars of pasta sauce. That will get Ryan and I through about 8 months. You would probably want at least another 25 quarts to make it through an entire year.
Though it looks like a lot, this will most likely not feed two people through an entire year (how scary is that). Still, it makes me feel happy to see so much of summer's goodness stocking the pantry!

P.S. - The wine cellar looks a little bare in comparison!

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