Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Quick Thrifting Trip

Cabin Fever forced a kamikaze run to the thrifty today, in between storm fronts. Had to leave a wonderful vintage dress behind (not enough in the purse today), but I did come home with a lovely 1950s strapless prom dress! Except for some light staining on the underskirt, it's in pristine condition! Sadly, it's too big for me, BUT that's great news for the rest of the vintage lovers out there! That means that it will soon be going into my future Etsy store (which I hope to have live by the end of the month)! Here are a few quick pictures of it:

It's a bit darker in color than the pictures show, but basically it's a pastel purple fabric with baby blue tulle overlay. The tulle is in a single layer except for the left front side of skirt, where it is tiered and accordion-pleated! Pretty darn cool!

There is some very light staining on the purple underskirt. I haven't tried washing the dress, so the stains MIGHT come out with washing (but you can't even see them with the tulle overlay). The tulle itself is in AMAZING condition, without any tears. I love the cool gold glue star designs over the entirety of the tulle...

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