Sunday, October 23, 2011

You're A DOLL!

Stopped by the antiques show today at the Medford Armory, and purchased this lovely little late 1930s "doll" or "toy tilt" hat for $36 (talked the lady down from the ridiculous $45 she wanted - oh, she also had this mismarked as being from the 1920s)! Normally, this hat would be far too plain for my tastes, but I LOVE toy tilt hats - which are getting harder and harder to find! - especially the tiny ones like this! The hat is decorated with two bows, and the brim angles to a bit of a point in back.

The label reads "Frank R. Jelleff Inc." Lucky for me, Wikipedia has a great article about the company! You can read it HERE.

Now, I need to make lots of sales in my Etsy store so that I can pay Ryan back the $26 I stole from him to purchase this! *laughing*

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