Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh, And One More Thing!

For the Etsy store, from my personal collection...

It was SO hard to convince myself to part with this dress, but I've owned it for over a year and haven't worn it out once. So, I am offering it to someone who will take it out on the town like it was meant to be worn!

This is a 1960s lemon yellow dress with sequined border and attached train! It has a high front and a dropped back. You'll feel like a Greek goddess wearing this!

Now, the store should be live by the end of this weekend, all things going well (if not, it's because I died of exhaustion from hauling two literal tons of hay this weekend). If I make a few sales (to justify this experiment to both myself and my husband), I'll start putting out the really nice 1920s and 1930s dresses I have hiding in my closet! *wink* Just as an inducement to you all...

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