Friday, October 07, 2011

Sneak Peek...

Bombshell Bettie and her pre-Halloween "Save The Vintage" Crusade has inspired me every year. It IS heartbreaking to see so many beautiful and WEARABLE vintage items being forlornly tossed into the costume section of the thrift stores, waiting for some pre-teen to cover it in fake blood and claim to be a Mad Men Zombie Vampire. The problem is that I see so many wonderful items that are either not my taste or not quite my size, and I have to leave them because I know that I will never wear them. I have been slightly hounded by friends to start my own Etsy store, since I seem to have a knack for finding great vintage and antique scores at ridiculously cheap prices. Well, I finally decided to combine the two!: an Etsy store to sell the vintage that I can't or won't wear, and therefore an excuse to rescue ALL the pre-Halloween vintage items I find! Hurrah! The husband is on board with the idea because an Etsy store means that he will have a place to list and sell the antique woodworking hand tools he collects and restores to working order.

Long story short: we hope to have the Apothecary Inn Etsy Store live by the end of this month. In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of items coming into the shop (and don't worry, I will be getting better pictures later):

1950s/1960s handmade cable knit sweater dress (HEAVY!) from Berlin. Metal zipper in back, slightly higher waist (not empire, but higher than the natural waistline), FAB bell sleeves! Very heavyweight and warm - perfect for Fall!

Adorable pink lace 1940s hat, supposedly from France (according to the woman who sold it to me). No tags, underside is unfinished and showing buckram frame of crown, but overall in great shape and that classic movie star brim line! Meant to be worn tilted at a slight angle.

Adorable 1960s "top hat!" Black velvet body, black netting, black ribbon with a bow in back. Overall, in great shape! Size 22.

1970s "Miss Bierner" NEON reddish-orange felt fedora with long pheasant plume.

1950s cocktail hat with some of the coolest flower/leaf motif bead work I've ever seen!

Pristine 1950s strapless prom dress - pastel purple fabric, baby blue tulle overlay (that is tiered and accordion-pleated on front left side), metal side zipper. There is some very light staining on the purple underskirt - however, I have not attempted to wash this garment, and it is not visible with the tulle overlay. Very unique glittery gold glue star designs over the entire tulle layer.

1950s/1960s handmade (with the most ADORABLE "made for" label) sheath dress in bubblegum pink! It's a bright pink, but appears a bit washed out in the picture. Metal zipper in back.

1950s Persian Lamb pillbox hat - needs a little reshaping, and has quite a bit of moth damage on underside. However, this is no way takes away from its wearability as is!

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