Saturday, October 15, 2011


We finally did it! - Our Etsy store is now live!


Only have a couple of items currently listed, but the goal is to get about 50 listed in the next few days. With all of the picture-taking, measuring, recording, etc., required to list each item, I have new respect for the other lovely ladies out there who do this full time. Wow...

One of the goals of this Etsy store (besides helping to fund the hat/woodworking hand tool addiction) is to offer vintage clothing at affordable prices. One or two items might be expensive, but that is generally because we had to shell out a pretty penny to get it. For the most part, I think you'll find our items priced very reasonably.

Amongst other things currently listed are an AMAZING 1930s red velvet dressing gown and a 1960s red velvet dress that would be just perfect for a Christmas party! Buy it soon before I decide to keep it...

To celebrate our Etsy store's Grand Opening, we are offering 10% off of any item in the store (this does not include shipping charges). Enter the coupon code "WELCOME10" at checkout to obtain the discount!

Look for more items each day...I have some great (vintage) holiday party outfits coming into the store soon, as well as lots of hats, vintage/antique books and cookbooks, vintage signed jewelry, etc. Eventually, you will also be able to purchase our line of homemade herbal salves and soaps year round!!

Thanks for the continued patronage and happy shopping!

Oh, here are some sneaks of what I have yet to list...

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